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The Internet of Things (IoT)

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is tied in with interfacing the Digital to the Physical including sensors, gadgets, machines, items and so on., with Internet empowered administrations and applications. The IoT idea basically use advances, for example, remote systems, portable frameworks.

Cloud framework with information sources including Big Data, perception and expository instruments. This is for the way that Internet of Things (IoT) applications have been believed to help merge, contextualize, and break down huge measures of information (item, procedure, and quality information) living in various different/siloed frameworks, (for example, MES, Quality, Equipment in assembling) alongside important ERP information to distinguish concealed examples and connections inside these informational indexes to empower ventures recognize chances to amplify yield, improve quality, limit imperfections and process durations.

Sentios provides an unique experience of end to end integration of IoT and Artificial Intelligence enabled software, which enhances the process efficiency and reduces the operational cost tremendously. Our business analytic and strategic team designs a tailor made IoT solution for your unique business needs by process audits

    • RFID Tagging for urban forestry
    • Driving Pattern Analysis
    • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
    • Environment Monitoring
    • Parking Management
    • Weather Sensors
    • Video Analytics for policing
    Smart city IoTs
    • Men, Material and Machine tracking in Mines & Industries with Artificial Intelligence
    • Process Automation and Video Analytics in Industrial premises
    Industrial IoTs